Delivery and Return Policy

Our Policy About Shipments and Returns


We ship all the orders very promptly after we have confirmed them with the customers. We called our customers, verify the order and then do the shipment. Please note that anyone doing bogus orders will get blocked and will never be able to order again.

Our Preferred courier partner is Bluedart and other choices are also available like FedEx, Ecom Express, DTDC, Delhivery, Aramax and Speed Post. You can track your shipments online and call us on 8302263606 If you are having any problems with the tracking number. We’ll provide you with more information about your shipments quickly.


A) You can return the product which are in brand new condition and not fitted on the phone. All our products come with a brand new screen guard and seals applied to them. This is to ensure that our customers get brand new products without any issues.

The same thing is applied for return. If you are returning a product, you MUST return it in the same original condition as you received and please be informed that we don’t accept any returns after 15 days from the date of delivery.

Please always make sure that you are returning the product in same condition. It is a common business sense that used parts can not be returned in any industry. You must get authorization from us before you return any product to us and we will arrange a pickup for you. All non-defective return shipments are handled on a case-by-case basis. Money back is available on returned products.

B) Shipping Cost and COD Charges are a non-refundable item. If you return a product to us, please be aware that you have to pay return shipping charges and you’ll not get a refund for the shipping charges (and COD Charges) which you had paid earlier.

This policy is to protect our marketplace from customers who are just playing games. Don’t get offended with this policy because If you are a genuine customer, you are not going to face any issues in any marketplace online but recently there is a big chunk of non-paying customers who just play games with online websites and place fake orders. This step is just to curb the fake customers wasting our money and resources.

C) We want to mention this upfront that we don’t accept any returns If you remove the screen guard and use the product. We are certainly not dealing in second hand goods and for this reason, we can’t restock used items.

If you have removed the screen guard, pasted the product and changed the main structure of the product, we won’t accept any return. All our products come with our seals and logos so we can isolate our products clearly.

Before fixing a screen permanently, please always make sure to test it. Every mechanic knows how to test a display and in easy terms, you just need to connect the display to your phone temporarily.

Please don’t contact us with any complaints after fixing the items permanently. This is because If a item is 100% perfect when you are testing then only way things can go wrong is damaging the product during installation so we don’t accept returns bases on the reason that you made it useless during installation process. We can’t accept used items back as we are selling brand new items and we don’t re-stock used items back.

No returns are accepted If you tear off the screen-guard or fix the product permanently.  Also, There is no need to fix the display permanently as It can be easily tested before fitting. Many people ask that how they will know If the display is working or not. So Just to clear this, you can easily connect the display to your phone and test it without fixing it permanently.

D) The return process is very easy and straightforward If you return the item in the same condition as you received. We don’t have any questions to ask and there are no hidden charges. We just want to receive the part in the same condition as we sent to you. That’s all.

For any returns without a reason like my friend says this, my mechanic says this and the list goes on. There are misleading culprits in every industry who are just

F) Returns are not available for pricing reasons as all parts have different quality and make. If you want a low-quality product for a cheap price, don’t compare it with ours and It will not be a ground for returns.

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