Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I cancel or change my order?

You can easily cancel your order by logging into your account and clicking on the “Cancel Order” button. If you want to change your order (like buy the display for another model or change the color of the ordered product), you need to contact us at 8302263606, and if your order is not shipped yet, we’ll make the necessary changes.

Please note that it is tough to change the order if the parcel has already been shipped to you. In that condition, we’ll stop the shipment for an RTO (Return To Origin) and help you accordingly, but it will take two additional days.

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Q: What is the return policy? 

Our return policy is valid for 30 days on fresh/unused products. Please visit the Return Policy page for complete details about returns.

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Q: Where do you have your inventory?

All the products listed on the website are readily available in stock. The physical inventory of products is present in our warehouse, and we don’t list or sell any products without having them ready in stock. You can purchase with confidence because, in most cases, we’ll ship your order very quickly (within hours) and share the courier tracking number. That’s possible only when the inventory is ready to ship.

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Q: Are all the screen replacements listed on the LCD Kart 100% original?

We deal in aftermarket spare parts which are compatible/non-original, and we’ve mentioned all the clear details about the product quality on the individual product pages. You can see an individual product’s specification section to know more about the quality. Aftermarket parts provide great value for money, and you can easily repair your mobile phone for a minimal investment.

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Q: Which payment methods are available on LCD Kart?

We offer Cash on Delivery and Online Payment methods for our customers. For complete details about payment methods, please visit the Payment Policy page.

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Q: How much time do you take to ship the order?

We typically ship your order within 24 hours (much faster in most cases) and share the tracking details. For complete shipping information, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

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Q: How can I get assistance If I need it?

You can always contact us at 8302263606 or email us at You can also send a WhatsApp message at 8302263606, and we’ll respond asap.

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Q: Can items be returned after the period mentioned in the return policy?

No. The return policy is valid for 30 days beginning from the delivery date. It is not possible to return a product after 30 days. Please refer to the Return Policy for complete details.

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Q: Do I get a warranty after installing the display?

Please note that mobile phone screens are sold with a testing guarantee only. Upon delivery, you can easily test and verify the product’s immaculate condition before installation. To test the product, you get 30 days, and it is very easy to test the new display in open conditions. However, due to the fragile nature of a mobile phone display, we don’t offer any warranties after installation.

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Q: Can my canceled order be reinstated?

You can’t reinstate a canceled order yourself, but you’ll need to contact us for that. Please call us at 8302263606 and tell us your order number, which you want to reinstate. Alternatively, you can also place a new order, and we’ll ship the desired product to you.

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Q: How would I know that the new product works perfectly?

You can easily test the new display/product before installing it on your phone. Please note that installing a product is not necessary for testing it. You can connect the display to your mobile phone’s motherboard in an open condition and take a trial. During the trial, you can use the phone as if the display is installed on your system. Open condition testing is very popular and greatly helps you test the products to your satisfaction.

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Q: Can I return the used/installed product? 

No. We don’t accept used returns if you remove the screen guard and use/fix the product in any way. We are certainly not dealing in second-hand goods, so we can’t restock used items. If you have removed the screen guard, pasted the product, and changed the product’s main structure, we won’t accept any return.

All our products come with our warranty stickers so that we can differentiate our products. Before fixing a screen permanently, please always make sure to test it. Every mechanic knows how to test a display, and in easy terms, you need to temporarily connect the display to your phone and test it for working. We are sorry, but we can’t assist after fixing the display permanently.

Suppose an item is 100% perfect when you test it. In that case, the only way things can go wrong is by damaging the product during installation, so we don’t accept returns because you made it useless during the installation process. We can’t accept used items back as we are selling brand new items and we don’t re-stock used items back.

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Q: Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer refunds. Please ensure that you’ve not used the product in any way, and you can initiate a return request. For complete information, please refer to our Return Policy and Refund Policy.

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Q: What to do If I receive the wrong product?

We always ensure shipping the right product and don’t send the wrong products to our customers. However, you might receive the wrong product if you order the wrong product. For example, you have a Realme 6 phone, and you mistakenly ordered the Realme 6 Pro display because you were not sure about the model you own. In such cases, please get in touch with us at 8302263606 or email us at and we’ll arrange a pickup for you and replace it with the correct item. Please keep our product in good condition and don’t use it. We understand that mistakes can happen, and we’ll be happy to help you. If the desired item is not available in stock, we’ll refund the amount to you.

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Q: The product isn’t as desired. How should I contact you?

First of all, we are sorry if you face any issues with our products. We always examine the products very closely, and the chances of delivering a non-working product to customers are rare. Please call us at 8302263606 and let us know about your problem. We’ll take the necessary action and ensure a quick resolution for you.

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Q: I was looking to contact the official service center but landed here. Can you please help?

Yes. If you want to contact the respective service center, the best way is to visit their website and find the information there. For example, if you were trying to find the Vivo service center, please visit the official Vivo India website and navigate the Service and Support section. There, you should find a Service Center locator tool where you can enter your Pincode to find the nearest service center location. If you don’t find such a tool there, you should find a toll-free number where you can contact them. We hope this information is helpful to you.


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