Honor 9x Display and Touch Screen Combo Replacement STK-L22


Welcome to LCD Kart, where you can purchase a brand new display combo for Honor 9x and get over all the display and touch screen glass-related issues. If you’ve any questions about the product, please contact us at 8302263606.

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We offer Honor 9x display replacement on LCD Kart, and customers looking for a new display combo can buy this product. A display combo helps you replace a cracked display or touchscreen glass and easily repair the phone. Once the display cracks, you might not be able to use your phone. To overcome the problem, replacing the cracked display assembly with a new folder is the only choice.

A display combo includes two parts: IPS LCD and touchscreen glass. If your phone's LCD or touchscreen glass has cracked, the display combo can easily resolve both problems. Please also note that you shouldn't replace only the display or the glass because both parts (LCD and touchscreen glass) are combined using LOCA glue and work in conjunction.

Product QualityA+ Grade / Compatible (non-original)
Display ConditionBrand New
What's Included1 PC of Honor 9X Combo / Folder
Compatible ModelHonor 9x
Mobile's Model NumberSTK-L22
ManufacturerOEM Grade
Product ConditionNew
Display Size6.59 Inches
Display TypeIPS LCD, Full HD+
Display Resolution2340 x 1080 Pixels
Warranty CoverageManufacturing Defects Only
Warranty TypeTest the display without pasting.
Install How To Install

Installing the display requires expertise, and you should always seek a technician's help. If you are an expert, you can install the display yourself.

Normal installation charges are around Rs 200-300, and a technician in your area can easily install the display.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of a new Honor 9x display combo?

A display combo of Honor 9x costs around Rs 1800-2000 rupees. This price is for the best quality A+ grade display, which isn't 100% original, but you get the best quality output. You can buy this product confidently because we test each display for perfect working, and the investment is minimal.

Q: Do you offer a 100% original display?

We don't offer a 100% original display, and getting one for such a low price is impossible. The display combo sold here is the closest alternative to the original display, and you get good quality on a budget.

Many customers want to buy original display replacements for Rs 1600-1800, but they are just over expecting. You'll always get duped if you find a display for the lowest price and expect it to be original.

Q: How can I test and install the new display?

Testing and installing the display needs expertise; you shouldn't try this at home. These are the steps you need to follow to test the display first and then proceed with installation :

  1. Take out the SIM card tray and turn off the mobile phone.
  2. Use a hot air blower to apply hot air over the back panel.
  3. Use a plastic card to cut through the adhesive and remove the back panel.
  4. Open all the screws from the motherboard bracket and remove it.
  5. Detach the old display's connection from the motherboard and connect the new display's flex.
  6. Power on the phone to test the new display and verify that it works perfectly.
  7. Remove the cracked display from the frame and install a new display.

If you want to see a video demonstrating how to open the phone and see its inner hardware structure, please refer to this Honor 9x Teardown Video. You can also search for display installation videos on YouTube to learn more about installation.

Q: Do you provide services to install the display?

Yes. We provide services to install the display on your phone, but you need to send your phone to our repair center. Most customers order the display online and then hire a local technician in the market to install the display. Normally, it costs Rs 150-200 to install the display.

Warranty and Returns
  • Display Warranty: Test New Display Without Installation / Pasting.
  • Warranty Coverage: Non-Working Display in Unused Condition.
  • No Warranty Coverage: Pasted / Installed Display, Damaged Cables, Protective-Films Removal, Used Display.
  • Whom To Contact: Contact our Helpline.
  • Return Period: 30 Days.
  • Return Condition: Same as Delivered. No Used Returns.
Shipping Information
  • Delivery Charges: Free Delivery.
  • COD Charges: Rs 150.
  • Shipping Time: 24 Hours.
  • Standard Delivery Time:  2-4 Working Days.
  • Remote Location Delivery Time:  6 -7 Working Days.
  • Packing: Safe Packing In Plastic Boxes.
  • In-Transit Damage: Free Replacement, Record an Unboxing Video.
Customer Support Contact Support

You can always contact us for assistance, and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • Calling Number: 8302263606.
  • WhatsApp Support: 8302263606
  • Calling Time: 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM IST
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